Diary of NYFW

On Sept 8, after two airports and a little over 10 hours of travel time, this Hawaii girl found herself in New York City … “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” (thank you A.Keys).

Like many others, it was always a dream of mine to live in the city. After getting an NY RN license almost 10 years ago, I had plans to move to New York as a traveler nurse. Life, however, has a funny way of working itself out, and I found myself moving back to Hawaii instead.

Nonetheless, the city and its charm continuously romanced me and lured me back. I can’t explain why exactly, but there’s something so magical about New York City moments, they happen when you least expect it and have a peculiar way of imprinting on your heart, forever.

For this professed super dork, who grew up on an island in the pacific, with pajama like scrubs as my daily uniform for the earlier 12 years of my life … to be a part of one of the most celebrated events in the fashion capital of the world, was and is, an unbelievable dream come true. Every other trip I made to the city, I was a nurse with a love for fashion. This time, just like my most recent MBFW Miami trip, I was no longer a nurse and not just a tourist “visiting” the city. This time, I was here on “business,” for my very own “business” … built on the same childhood love, a forever adoration of all things fashion.

In this next series of posts, I will share with you random snapshots of my NYFW and Miami buying trip adventures. Cheers to you all finding your love and always remember that you have the courage to be anything and have everything this amazing world has to offer. xoxo


Day 2 :: 9.9.12 :: 6:17pm

One word … overjoyed … describes how I felt as I sat in the Studio at the Lincoln Center ready to view Timo Weiland’s SS13 (CFDA Incubator Designer) ‘Haute Hip Hop’ collection for Men & Women. As I sat there, in quiet anticipation, I set to memory the buzz of excitement that filled the room, the silence with the dimming of the lights, the bass filled beats signaling the start of the show, and the reveal of the first model as they strut out unto the runway. To be in a room filled with respected industry professionals, photographers and fashion lovers alike is already so overwhelming. Even more amazed, was I, to be in the same section as Gavin DeGraw, LeandraMedine (Manrepeller), and the designers of Dannijo. Seriously, pinch me. Thank you to Taylor (fiftytwo) and team Timo Weiland for sharing this new collection with Collins+8th and Hawaii very soon.

Next blog post :: Day 2 continues :: Street Style at the Lincoln Center

Sheer + Chambray = Love at first sight

Model Jamie Wise for Timo Weiland

Playful Prints + Interesting Silhouettes



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