MBFW Miami Swim 2013 :: Revisited

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes and how much of one’s story can unfold in a year’s time?? The month of July has come to a close and Collins + 8th has thankfully reached its milestone mark of being in business for ONE Year!!! I say thankfully because like any other business, we’ve had our fair share of both successes and challenges. So many remarkable incidences and moments of hope have been part of our one year journey and I’ll definitely share them in another blog post or maybe even a book. As a personal goal for myself, I always knew it was important to revisit and relive the very first moments of fruition for Collins + 8th, which of course is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim.

In order to fully understand the importance of this trip, I thought it would be helpful to refresh on our very beginnings. It was the summer of 2010 and I was obsessed with the MTV show, The City. There was an episode where Whitney presented her fashion show in Miami and I was intrigued. Being somewhat of an OCD detective, I searched Miami Fashion Week and found the MBFW Miami Swim website. There was an opportunity to experience working backstage, doing anything and everything with the shows. Within a month’s time, I found myself on a plane to Miami and the wheels of inspiration were magically set in motion.

At the time, I had been a nurse for ten years and I always wondered if I would ever pursue my love of fashion and own my very own boutique. Everything from the experiences I had, to the people I met at MBFW, helped to confirm that I was ready for a shift to take place in my life. I remember exactly the mantra that played on repeat during the 10 hour flight back home, “if I’m not going to do it now, I’m never going to do it.”

This trip back to Miami Swim signified more than just a vacation. At my first MBFW, I was a nurse with dreams of being in fashion. This time around, I was IN fashion, living + breathing it, everyday as a boutique owner. At one of the shows, I took a moment to look at the name cards seated next to me and they were names of well-known retailers. It was at this moment, that I had to pause and realized that I was no longer a kid playing pretend. A lifetime dream had come true and this cinema of mine was now playing for the world to see.

Please check out this link for official MBFW videos and pics from the shows. Hopefully they’ll inspire you, as the real shows did for me, and if we’re anything alike, get ready to exclaim lots of “oh my gawds and ahmazingggs,” especially with the Mara Hoffman collection. Truly one of my most favorite designers, Mara Hoffman is forever consistent in her design focus and always presents innovative and beautiful pieces. Her 2013 collection was no exception. I’ve also included a few of my favorite, least blurry pics, in hopes that they’ll transport you to the seat right next to me. Stay inspired and enjoy!!!


Hair + Makeup … In love!!!

The crowd.

I spy :: Miami housewives Marysol + Alexia :: Saw them in the lobby later, wish I manned up + asked them for a pic. :: Next time!!


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