Little Havana :: North Miami Cuban

So … while the going’s good, I thought I’d whip out another post and share with you our fantastic experience at Little Havana in North Miami.  The lovely Francy at C.Madeleine’s Vintage recommended that we visit this cozy Cuban spot. Thanks so much Francy!!! If you don’t know by now, I absolutely adore Cuban food, especially très leches. After making my fellow travelers, all 3 of them men, sit patiently while I shopped in the vintage wonderland that is C.Madeleine’s, we decided to treat ourselves to the closest Cuban spot, Little Havana. A quick 5 minutes drive from C.Madeleines and we were warmly greeted by the friendly staff and seated along local Miamians, very happy to indulge in cafè con leche, lechon asado, black beans + rice, plantains, and of course, très leches!!! Let the salivation begin … enjoy!!! xoxo

These ladies of leisure were having such a wonderful time at lunch. Their laughing was contagious!! Loved it!!

Little Havana

Oh wow!!!

Fresh baked bread.

Black beans.

My forever favorite!!! :: Très Leches!!!


Stuffed + Content :: Wearing Mara Hoffman Peasant Dress + DVF Sunnies + Lush Blazer.


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