C.Madeleine’s :: Chanel, Pucci, Lanvin … oh my!!! :: Vintage Wonderland in North Miami

Why hello there stranger!! It’s been a while since my last post and I thought it best to sit myself down and finally get caught up on everything that’s happened. We kicked off the new year with a cruise to the Cayman Islands, along with a short little stay in my beloved Miami. This time, we were lucky enough to venture outside of South Beach and explore the world of North Miami. Our point of destination … C.Madeleine’s Vintage, 10,000 sq ft of amazing designer vintage finds, sure enough to overwhelm even the most experienced of vintage shoppers. I first learned about this amazing treasure through one of my online searches for designer Pucci. Coincidentally, right before my trip, Rachel Zoe posted pics from her trip to C.Madeleine’s on instagram. That was it, I made up my mind and just knew that I had to go!

I would say it’s easy for out-of-towners to find C.Madeleine’s. It would be best to give yourself at least 2-3 hours to fully enjoy and experience all of its wonderfulness!! The lovely Zoe + Francy helped me play dress up and were sweet enough to give us foodies some awesome Cuban/Puerto Rican recommendations. In North Miami, they recommended Little Havana, such a cozy little spot and definitely one of my most favorite Cuban restaurants so far. I’ll share more about it in my next post. Needless to say, dearest North Miami … I will be back for sure!! xoxo

C. Madeleine's :: Designer Vintage Wonderland :: www.cmadeleines.com

Cheetah Furry Dial-up ... Swoon.

Vintage Chanel ... yes please!!!!

Oh so lovely!!!

So delicate + pretty.

Bohemian Rhapsody :: Hippie Chic

Zoe!!! :: Such a doll!

Francy!!! :: Total sweetheart!!

Love this Miamian's laid back style!!


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