the Good Life

As I shared in my earlier post, I have a peculiar little way of living out daily scenarios by playing an imaginary soundtrack to the story of my life. About a week ago, on a Sunday, Joey & I took a walk over to Ala Moana Beach Park. It was the Sunday of APEC in Hawaii, a week filled with closed off roadways, motorcades, and 27 world presidents on island. Amazingly, we were able to avoid all the week’s traffic and wanted to see if we’d have the same luck with the ID checkpoints at the beach. Despite all the yellow police lines still up and checkpoints in effect, it was easy breezy getting in!!!! Hooray!!! In celebration, I thought it best to take more running pics and pretend I was in an open grassy knoll of the Sound of Music, or something similar. Please enjoy the fruits of our simple pleasures, and imagine One Republic’s “Good Life” playing triumphantly in the background. Cheers!!!


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Listening to this song & staring out into the endless possibilities of the horizon is simply euphoric.


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