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For some peculiar reason, I’m curiously infatuated with “running” pics. Could it be the recent close calls and gate to gate adventures on my last trip to Miami or maybe it’s the growing excitement for the holiday season?? Either way, the thought of both gets my nervous system working and my mind spinning triple time. Sometimes thinking that life is a movie,with soundtracks and everything, helps me keep things light and airy and most importantly nudges me to laugh in the middle of what could easily be construed as a crisis.

Quick example, I thought my last trip to Miami would be an easy breezy flight. First class booked to MIA, all with miles, and only 1 stopover in Dallas. I remember sitting in my fully reclinable seat, sipping on a mimosa, chatting away with my friendly seat mate. One hour later, they announced that there was an unfixable engine problem and we were asked to kindly de-board the plane. Oh heavens … luckily I made it to Miami, despite all the challenges, which included: missing my first connecting flight; the rebooked connecting flight to MIA cancelled due to “fog” in Dallas; a rebooked connecting to Tampa; running to the next gate a million miles away to make the next flight in 15 minutes; finally reaching Miami after 24 hours; then waiting an extra hour for my luggage that was on another flight. Wow!!! It still kind of amazes me that all that happened. What truly kept me calm was remembering that all of these events were meant to happen and that my perception of reality really did determine how life would work itself out.

Happily stated, the trip was a success!!! The cuban food was yummy of course, the weather was ideal, the Gansevoort was a delight, the inventory shopping was fruitful and the beautiful inspiration I craved was thoroughly satisfied. On a side note, my flight back home presented as yet another interesting challenge, which maybe I’ll save for another blog entry. Cheers to all of you running and living your own perfect reality!!! ~ xoxo


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