Luckiest day ever!!!

They say 11.11.11. is the most auspicious day ever … when all magical things align and the heavens open up and shower us with blessings. It’s pretty exciting to think of all the wonderful possibilities right?! Can you imagine a day ten times more lucky than your luckiest of lucky days?! Holy smoly!!!

If today is even half as lucky as 10.30.11, I’ll be one happy girl. On 10.30.11, we had our very first client makeover/photo shoot day. We pampered our clients with full hair & makeup, a stylist consultation, full wardrobe and a professional editorial style photo shoot. This event was so rewarding and fulfilling, for all parties involved; most especially, in true Collins & 8th style, it was wholeheartedly fun!!! Curious things occur when gratitude and happiness fill your day, which explains why the most amazing thing happened.

A few days earlier, the editor of ELLE Japan stepped into our boutique and my heart fluttered as she handed over her brilliant white business card. She explained that they would like to feature Collins & 8th in their magazine and she would be in contact. On 10.30.11, as we wrapped up our last photo session, the phone rang. ELLE Japan wanted to shoot that day!!! For some strange reason I asked if they could come back on Monday, luckily the group knocked some sense into me and I called them back and told them they could shoot immediately instead. Together with the team, we swiftly returned the store to its shining grace, camera ready, with time to spare.

As the Look of Love station played softly in the background, The ELLE Japan team gracefully glided in and we all sort of watched in awe. In between describing products and explaining how Collins & 8th started, I found myself in a daze. I mean seriously, how surreal was this?! There I stood, dressed in my favorite Aryn K Poppy Dress, cinched with a vintage belt by Geremy C.; standing tall in my Jeffrey Campbell Foxys; hair & makeup done to perfection by Zairrah G.; while Harold J. took candid shots of my interview and Joey & I being photographed in our very own boutique … by ELLE Japan!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Really, who am I and where am I????!

As I sit here at my desk writing this, feelings of euphoria fill every single living cell in my body. For me, this was an incredible experience, a definite “moment for life.” What made it even more special were the people who were present to share it with us. Thank you to our team Joey, Des, Zairrah, Geremy and Harold: you will forever be a part this new imprint of greatness … the day Collins & 8th became a part of ELLE Japan’s history, truly one of our luckiest days ever!!! (for now at least). Wishing you all lucky days forever. ~ xoxo

:: Magical Red Letters ::

:: Official Moment for Life ::

:: Blessed to have met team ELLE Japan ::

LtoR :: Zairrah (Hair/Makeup) :: Joey (C8) :: Me :: Geremy (Stylist) :: Harold (Photographer)


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