Beach Walk Boardwalk Beauty

Happy belated love day everyone! I hope St. Valentine sent tons of hugs and kisses your way. Still on a high from Monday’s love fest (Riesling enhanced I’m sure), I wanted to dedicate this post to one of my biggest crushes (aside from my husband of course) … the beach! I simply adore sunny skies, sandy shores and the ocean blue. Luckily, I live in Hawaii and am blessed with beautiful views year round; quite possibly the reason Miami has captured a piece of my heart.

In Miami Beach, parallel to parts of Ocean drive and Collins, there’s about 4-5 miles of part boardwalk / part beach walk that runs from 5th to 67th street. On my last trip, I promised myself that I would take full advantage of staying at the Setai (steps from the beach) by actually stepping out into the sun and breathe deep the fresh Atlantic ocean air! So I did … a lot … so much so that I had the awkward tan lines to prove it.

With that said, it brings me much happiness to share with you visions of brightly painted lifeguard houses, countless beach umbrellas, mango smoothies, sky writers, rollerbladers, bathing beauties and babooshkas. From me to you, my Miami memories sealed with a kiss. Enjoy!

Bienvenidos a la Beach Walk!

Art deco framed by nature's beauty.

Babooshkas ... melt my heart.

Sheer sundresses, oversized shades and flats ... boardwalk musts.

Rollerblading, strolling, biking ... i chose to run. Running = my happiness.

Picturesque. Beauty at the beach.

One mango smoothie please.

Such a lovely sunning spot ... perfect for sharing with your Valentine.

Not sure why I like this shot. Seems nostalgic of new beginnings & perfect endings (if that makes any sense).


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